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About Us

Family Run + Handwoven in Guatemala

Started in 2010 by brother and sister, Jed & Marne is an independent American brand that works exclusively with Mayan master weavers throughout the highlands of Guatemala. All of our fabrics are yarn dyed and handwoven on pine treadle looms creating for an unparalleled depth of color and a distinct richness in texture that cannot be found in machine made goods. With every weave we strive to combine the contemporary with the traditional, marrying beauty and sophistication with simplicity and accessibility. We are not a trend driven brand, we pride ourselves on designs that can be for anybody, anytime. We work closely with all of our weavers in attaining equal parts craftsmanship, comfort and style. Check out a video of our process here.

Sustainable Practices

Guatemala has the fourth highest rate of malnutrition in the world. Over 70% of indigenous children are chronically malnourished, resulting in slowed childhood development, diabetes, and myriad other health problems. We witnessed this first hand amongst the families we were working with, and immediately began researching what initiatives were out there. Unsatisfied with existing efforts, we teamed up with JUSTA and Milagros in Action to found Comida Vida Tradicional. Comida Vida Tradicional promotes health education and nutrition for women, children, and families by offering workshops on physical, mental and emotional nourishment. The courses provide information on natural, sustainable, and accessible alternatives to unhealthy and processed foods that have replaced local and traditional foods in the daily diet of indigenous families in rural Guatemala. In addition to the health and nutrition programs, Jed & Marne provides livable wages and humane working conditions. As our business grows so do these efforts.


Jed & Marne currently runs a men's line available for purchase in our men's shop. Jed & Marne also provides yardage for wholesale. Please see our online store, and our stockists for retail locations or feel free to contact us with any inquiries.

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