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It’s an election year so voting is on the mind over here at J&M. We’re not going to tell you who to vote for (unless we lived in the fantasy world where Michael Bloomberg was running) and we’re not going to tell you who we’re voting for, but we can tell you both Jed and Marne are registered as independents. We’ll also tell you politicians aren’t going to fix our problems. Whether we end up getting our Bern on, or entering the next Clinton era, or god forbid getting Trumpt and living to see the erection of the other great wall, it will largely be up to us to effect change. We believe one of the most effective ways to cast your vote is with your wallet. For better or worse, we live in a world where money talks so if you make the right purchase decisions you are empowering yourself, every day all day.

Every time you swipe that card, click add to cart, or hand over that cash you are casting your very own vote. Choosing wisely where you spend your money and on what has way more of an impact than any politician or government will be able to put into effect.

Hold yourself accountable for the way in which you consume. Trump talks about new trade laws and keeping Chinese products out to help bolster the American economy. Well that sounds great in theory but the best way to realize that change is by making the impact ourselves, choosing what products to buy and (just as important) what NOT to buy, where to shop and where not to shop. If you want to make America great again don’t shop at the big box. Ever! Spend the money at the small business that’s owned by someone who lives in the neighborhood. Spend it on something that’s a bit more expensive but well made and will last you for a decade versus a year. Get over your addiction to cheap stuff. Support mom. And support pop. If we want Main St. to make a come back we have to go spend our money there. As our friends over at Eenvoud say buy less, buy better, enjoy the little things.

On that note…. if you’re interested in picking up a pair of the most comfortable handwoven shorts money can buy, here’s a little added incentive. Use code : vote2016 at checkout for 20% off any purchase in the shop. Good thru Thursday 5/26 at midnight eastern standard. Happy voting everyone!